Zante. Zakinthos

February 13, 2020

Pull out of the memory drawer, memories, feelings…we are constantly crossed by stories.

How many eyes how many hands, and smiles and voices,

I wish I could remember everything, always.

But memory is fragile and we must train it, as we train our body.

Do not forget. Do not forget us.


Travel change you, is inevitable…

Meeting different people change continuously your thoughts.

Everything that was fixed now is moving, I have to follow, I have to guide my body.


Be water.


We have to be like a calm river.

Trying to enter with calm and kindness and cross each other with slowness.

To ‘open the open..’ Fabio was talking about this today.

how can we open ourselves? our life? Our heart? Our pain?

we must trust the process…with humbleness we have to be crossed.

Is complicate but it’s our work, so deep, so important.


Here and now.



This island so dear, so ripped…

Un eternal story of love and abandonment.

How can we give love without abandon? Without betray?

How can we build a work that continue to work even if we are not more…

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