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Listening to places, tracing their voices, understanding their secret life, the many souls layered over the course of time.
The stories of the places regain a more intimate sense, a closer connection to the community, to the capacity of listening, of feeling.
The scene of the theatre opens itself up to life, it surprises, it re-locates the performance to become presence here and now.
In this strange process, we discover that life is still here.

Project aims

The project aims to promote cultural cooperation and intercultural dialogue by connecting artists with people, cultural heritage with places and social contexts, through the implementation of international artistic residences in four different locations:

  • Zakynthos (Greece);
  • Segovia (Spain);
  • Constanta (Romania);
  • Lecce and San Cesario (Italy)

including the realization:

  • of co-working of European artists, finalized to an international, multilingual, site-specific  theatre production;
  • of audience engagement activities;
  • a research on European performing arts. European artists, scholars and citizens collaborate  for new forms of citizenship through cultural best-practices, mobility, exchange of ideas and debates, bottom-up artistic initiatives involving communities, fostering the love for culture in its multiple expressions.


GENIUS LOCI – performing arts between heritage and future is a project promoted by Astràgali Teatro-Eufonia, with the support of the European Union Culture Program “Creative Europe”.

Project partners:

  • Department of History, Society and Human Studies of the University of Salento (Italy);
  • State Theatre of Constanta (Romania);
  • ‘Alicia Alonso’ Dance Foundation of ‘Rey Juan Carlos’ University of Madrid (Spain);
  • International Theatre Institute Directorate General – UNESCO (France);
  • Municipality of Zakynthos and Theatro Tsi Zakynthos (Greece).

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