What a beautiful day, full of emotions

February 18, 2020

At 9.30 we go to the car parking to go all together with the cars to skoulikado. On time here, we starting with Pa Tuan Chin to worm up our body and then we started to work on actions. Everyone on their own action

For my action i choose to use one tangerine

In the break i went to buy one, but on the road i see a big house with a garden and a tangerine’s tree. I said to an older woman :sorry, can i take one please? But she didn’t speak English and in this way i decide to go out and buy it, but her doughter i think, speak in English and gives to me a bag full of tangerines, in that moment I was really happy, really because it was a beautiful gester. I decided to eat one in the country, and the flowers, the tree, the smell of the earth, Rembered me my youths place and i was happy and sad in the Same moment. Then, at 14 we restar to work, but now this tangerine has a value for me, isn’t buyed.

this for me is more important, are the little gester that make me happy, and this is one of them.

What a beautiful day, full of emotions.

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